BNXT Belgium 05/22 18:00 2 Liege Basket vs Oostende - View


BNXT Belgium 05/19 18:30 2 [1] Oostende v Liege Basket [4] W 89-95
BNXT Belgium 05/17 18:00 2 [4] Liege Basket v Oostende [1] L 72-77
BNXT Belgium 05/15 18:30 2 [1] Oostende v Liege Basket [4] L 82-64
BNXT Belgium 05/10 18:00 3 [4] Liege Basket v Spirou Charleroi [5] W 82-64
BNXT Belgium 05/08 18:30 3 [5] Spirou Charleroi v Liege Basket [4] W 93-98
BNXT League 05/03 18:30 - [7] Liege Basket v Basketball Academie Limburg [10] W 86-70
BNXT League 05/03 18:30 1 Liege Basket v Spirou Charleroi - CANC
BNXT League 05/01 17:30 1 [9] Landstede Zwolle v Liege Basket [7] W 86-91
BNXT League 04/26 18:00 1 [7] Liege Basket v ZZ Leiden [4] W 94-65
BNXT League 04/19 18:00 1 [2] Den Bosch v Liege Basket [8] W 72-88
BNXT League 04/14 13:00 1 [9] Liege Basket v Donar Groningen [8] W 88-70
ENBL 04/10 14:00 50 [1] Siauliai v Liege Basket [4] W 73-83

Wikipedia - Liège Basket

Liège Basket is a Belgian professional basketball club from Liège. The club competes in the BNXT League. Founded in 1967, the team plays at 5,600 seat Country Hall Ethias Liège.

The club is one of the traditional clubs in Belgian basketball, having played in the top flight division since 2001. Liège Basket's accolades include one Belgian Cup (in 2004) and two Belgian Supercups (in 2004 and 2009).


The club was founded in Fléron as the Fléron Basket Club in 1967. After being an amateur league for its first years, the team hired its first professional coach in 1975. In 1977 and 1981, the Fléron promoted to the first regional league. In 1983, the club made its debut on the national level as it promoted to the Fourth National Division. In 2000, the club decided to merge with BC Hannut and Essor Hannut, relocating to the city of Liège.

After the move to Lìege, the club quickly promoted to the First National League. In 2001, the club's debut in Europe was made after it qualified as 7th in the previous season. In the 2001–02 FIBA Korać Cup, the team lost to French side Racing Paris in the first round. Three years later, in 2004, the team wins its first silverware when it captures the Belgian Basketball Cup for the first time.

In the 2008–09 season, the team had its best European campaign when it reached the Top 16 of the 2008–09 FIBA EuroChallenge. In 2010, Liège played in the championship playoffs for the first time, but loses to Spirou Charleroi.

Since the 2021–22 season, Liège plays in the BNXT League, in which the national leagues of Belgium and the Netherlands have been merged. After the 2020s were characterised mainly by financial problems for Liège, the club was purchased by an American investors group in 2022. The Mickael Sports Group, owned by Ernie Cambo, purchased all shares in the team. Following the acquisition, head coach Lionel Bosco was sacked and replaced by Brad Greenberg.

On October 3, the club announced that they will be boycotting the away-game against Antwerp Giants on October 28 because of "partisan" refereeing in away-games, also saynig that "Belgian players get better calls then foreigners. The BNXT League responded by saying that if they actually pull through, Liège will be refused access to the playoffs on top of a €2500 fine. The League put the deadline for the decision on October 10. On October 9, they announced that the will play against the Antwerp Giants.

Liege Basket is a professional basketball team based in Liege, Belgium. The team competes in the Belgian Basketball League, the top tier of basketball in Belgium. Liege Basket has a rich history and tradition in Belgian basketball, with a passionate fan base and a strong presence in the local community.

The team is known for its competitive spirit, skilled players, and dedicated coaching staff. Liege Basket has a reputation for playing an exciting and fast-paced style of basketball, with a focus on teamwork and strong defense.

Liege Basket has a strong roster of talented players from Belgium and around the world, who bring a diverse range of skills and experience to the team. The players are known for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to success both on and off the court.

Overall, Liege Basket is a respected and competitive team in the Belgian Basketball League, with a proud history and a bright future ahead. Fans can expect thrilling games and exciting performances from this dynamic and talented team.