BNXT Belgium 05/27 18:30 1 Oostende vs Antwerp Giants - View
BNXT Belgium 05/29 18:30 1 Antwerp Giants vs Oostende - View
BNXT Belgium 05/31 18:30 1 Oostende vs Antwerp Giants - View


BNXT Belgium 05/22 18:00 2 [4] Liege Basket v Oostende [1] W 63-83
BNXT Belgium 05/19 18:30 2 [1] Oostende v Liege Basket [4] L 89-95
BNXT Belgium 05/17 18:00 2 [4] Liege Basket v Oostende [1] W 72-77
BNXT Belgium 05/15 18:30 2 [1] Oostende v Liege Basket [4] W 82-64
BNXT Belgium 05/10 18:30 3 [9] Leuven Bears v Oostende [1] W 69-80
BNXT Belgium 05/08 18:30 3 [1] Oostende v Leuven Bears [9] W 83-64
BNXT League 05/03 18:30 1 [1] Oostende v Donar Groningen [9] W 103-61
BNXT League 05/01 18:00 1 [4] ZZ Leiden v Oostende [1] W 68-86
BNXT League 04/27 18:30 1 [1] Oostende v Basketball Academie Limburg [10] W 112-60
BNXT League 04/21 12:00 1 [8] Landstede Zwolle v Oostende [1] W 83-88
BNXT League 04/14 13:00 - [1] Oostende v Den Bosch [4] W 85-61
BNXT League 04/06 18:30 1 [2] Oostende v Landstede Zwolle [7] W 99-78

Wikipedia - BC Oostende

Basketball Club Oostende, for sponsorship reasons Filou Oostende, is a Belgian professional basketball team. The club is based in Ostend and was founded in 1970. The club competes domestically in the BNXT League and internationally in the Basketball Champions League. Oostende is the most successful basketball club in Belgian history, as the club's honour list includes a record twenty-four Belgian League championships, a record nineteen Belgian Cups and eleven Belgian Supercups.


The club was founded on 25 May 1970 and started playing as Sunair Oostende. The team colors were blue and yellow. BCO – a nickname of the club – started in the Belgian Second Division but promoted in its first season after it took the title. But in the First Division the team relegated immediately. But BCO bounced back and promoted once again and got its final spot in the First Division, as they never relegated since.

In the 1974–75 season the club made its first appearance in Europe, when it played 10 games in the Korać Cup. In 1979 the first trophy was won by Oostende: the Belgian Basketball Cup with Ron Adams as head coach. In 1981 the first national title became a fact for BC Oostende, Roger Dutremble was head coach. The club eventually won 6th straight titles in a row in Belgium. In 1988 the club won the first and only BeNeLux Cup.

Before the 1999–2000 season the club got its first name change, as the name of the club became Telindus Oostende, which referred to the new main sponsor. After the club won some more trophies to add to its honour list, the club got a new arena in the Sea'rena – that was named the Sleuyter Arena after one season and had a capacity of 5,000 people – in 2005.

Ten consecutive championships (2011–2021)

The original BCO logo, used during the 2017–18 season

Before the start of the 2010–11 season the club name was changed in Telenet (BC) Oostende. In the second Telenet season Jean-Marc Jaumin was fired by the club and the Croatian coach Dario Gjergja took over his tasks. After that the club won the national title, by beating Spirou Charleroi 3–2 in the Finals, Game 5 ended in 75–74 after overtime.

The logo of the team when it was known as Telenet Oostende

The championship in 2011 was the start of a nice streak for Gjergja, as BCO won the double in 2012–13. Star player of the team was Matt Lojeski, who was named League MVP.

In 2013–14, the club won the double once again, as BCO beat Okapi Aalstar 3–2 in the Finals. Oostende earlier beat Antwerp Giants in the Cup Final. The Serbian point guard Dušan Đorđević shined for Oostende, as he was the Belgian Cup MVP and the league MVP.

On September 23 (2014), the club retired Veselin Petrović's number 10.

In 2017, the club won its sixth-consecutive championship. After the 2016–17 season, main sponsor Telenet left the club in order to sponsor Antwerp Giants instead.

In 2018, the club set a new record by winning its seventh consecutive championship. [1] In the 2018–19 season, the team was named Filou Oostende after a sponsorship agreement with beer brand Filou, brewed by Van Honsebrouck Brewery.

In 2019 Ostend became champions again, for the eighth time in a row. They beat Antwerp in the finals.

In 2020 Ostend was declared champions when the 2019–20 season was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They were leading the standings at that time. On July 2, 2020, head coach Dario Gjergja extended his contract for five more year. On July 7, team captain Đorđević extended his contract for two more years until 2022.

On 9 June 2021, Ostend secured their 10th consecutive domestic title. By beating Mons-Hainaut in the final series (3-1) Ostend brought home the 7th double in 10 years, as they beat Mechelen in the cupfinal earlier in the season.

Since the 2021–22 season, Oostende plays in the BNXT League, in which the national leagues of Belgium and the Netherlands have been merged.

Oostende is a professional basketball team based in Oostende, Belgium. The team competes in the Belgian Basketball League, the highest level of basketball in Belgium. Oostende has a rich history of success, having won numerous league championships and cup titles.

Known for their fast-paced and high-scoring style of play, Oostende is a perennial contender in Belgian basketball. The team boasts a talented roster of players from around the world, including both seasoned veterans and up-and-coming stars.

Oostende plays their home games at the Versluys Dôme, a state-of-the-art arena that provides an electric atmosphere for fans. With a passionate fan base and a winning tradition, Oostende is a powerhouse in Belgian basketball and a team to watch for exciting and competitive games.