Liberia FA Cup 04/13 16:00 - Invincible Eleven v Paynesville W 0-1
Liberia First Division 04/10 14:00 - Paynesville v BEA Mountain FC D 4-4
Liberia First Division 04/07 16:00 - Watanga FC v Paynesville L 3-1
Liberia FA Cup 03/28 14:00 - Jubilee FC v Paynesville D 1-1
Liberia FA Cup 03/20 16:00 - LISCR FC v Paynesville W 1-2
Liberia First Division 03/10 16:00 - FC Kallon Liberia v Paynesville L 4-1
Liberia FA Cup 03/07 16:00 - Paynesville v LISCR FC D 1-1
Liberia First Division 02/29 16:00 - Cece United v Paynesville L 2-0
Liberia First Division 02/16 16:00 - Paynesville v Invincible Eleven D 3-3
Liberia First Division 02/12 17:45 - Freeport v Paynesville W 1-3
Liberia FA Cup 02/07 16:00 - Heaven Eleven v Paynesville W 4-5
Liberia First Division 02/04 16:00 - Paynesville v Global Pharma W 3-0


Matches played 24 10 14
Wins 12 5 7
Draws 8 4 4
Losses 4 1 3
Goals for 55 29 26
Goals against 33 15 18
Clean sheets 6 3 3
Failed to score 1 0 1
Paynesville is a highly competitive and skilled soccer team based in the vibrant city of Paynesville. Comprised of talented and dedicated players, this team has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the local soccer scene.

Known for their exceptional teamwork and strategic gameplay, Paynesville consistently delivers impressive performances on the field. Their players possess a strong understanding of the game, displaying excellent technical skills, agility, and speed. With a deep passion for soccer, each member of the team brings their unique strengths and abilities to contribute to the overall success of the group.

The team's training sessions are intense and focused, with a strong emphasis on physical fitness, tactical awareness, and technical proficiency. Led by a knowledgeable and experienced coaching staff, Paynesville constantly strives to improve their skills and stay ahead of the competition.

Off the field, Paynesville is a tight-knit group that fosters a supportive and inclusive environment. The players share a strong camaraderie and work together to motivate and uplift one another. This sense of unity and team spirit translates onto the field, where they exhibit a remarkable level of cohesion and understanding.

Paynesville has a rich history of success, consistently achieving impressive results in local tournaments and leagues. Their dedication and hard work have earned them a reputation as a formidable opponent, and they are often regarded as one of the top soccer teams in the region.

With their exceptional talent, unwavering determination, and passion for the game, Paynesville is a team that continues to make waves in the soccer community. Whether it's their impressive skills, their unwavering teamwork, or their relentless pursuit of victory, Paynesville is a team that commands respect and admiration from both their opponents and fans alike.