Turkey Youth League 02/12 15:00 - Kartal Anadolu U20 v Fenerbahce U20 L 0-3
Turkey Youth League 01/15 15:00 - Sureyyapasa A U20 v Kartal Anadolu U20 L 3-0
Turkey Youth League 11/13 16:30 - Kartal Anadolu U20 v Damla Yildizlar U20 D 0-0
Turkey Youth League 10/30 17:09 - Fenerbahce U20 v Kartal Anadolu U20 L 3-0
Turkey Youth League 11/17 12:00 - Kartal Anadolu U20 v Avcilar Cagdaslar U20 W 3-0
Kartal Anadolu U20 is a talented and dynamic volleyball team based in Istanbul, Turkey. The team is made up of young and skilled players who are passionate about the sport and dedicated to achieving success. They are known for their strong teamwork, excellent communication, and impressive athleticism. The team is coached by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the game and are committed to helping their players reach their full potential. Kartal Anadolu U20 is a force to be reckoned with in the Turkish volleyball scene, and they are sure to continue making waves in the years to come.