Italy A2 Women 05/15 18:30 - Roseto Women v Alpo Basket 99 Women L 62-68
Italy A2 Women 05/11 18:30 - Alpo Basket 99 Women v Roseto Women L 60-51
Italy A2 Women 05/02 16:00 - San Salvatore Selargius Women v Roseto Women W 62-75
Italy A2 Women 04/27 18:30 - Roseto Women v ASD San Salvatore Women W 79-65
Italy A2 Women 04/20 18:30 - Roseto Women v Vicenza Women L 59-69
Italy A2 Women 04/07 16:00 - Roseto Women v Rovigo Women W 68-61
Italy A2 Women 03/23 19:00 - Ponzano Women v Roseto Women L 61-37
Italy A2 Women 03/17 17:00 - Roseto Women v Vigarano Women W 80-56
Italy Cup A2 Women 03/09 18:15 - Roseto Women v Castelnuovo Scrivia Women L 38-66
Italy Cup A2 Women 03/08 19:30 - Roseto Women v San Salvatore Selargius Women W 59-51
Italy A2 Women 03/02 18:45 - Udine Women v Roseto Women L 83-61
Italy A2 Women 02/24 19:30 - Roseto Women v Treviso Women L 51-53
The Roseto Women's basketball team is a talented and competitive team based in Italy. Known for their skillful play and teamwork on the court, the Roseto Women are a force to be reckoned with in the Italian basketball scene. With a roster of dedicated and passionate players, the team is known for their fast-paced and exciting style of play. Fans of the Roseto Women can expect to see thrilling games and impressive performances from this talented group of athletes. Whether they are competing in domestic leagues or international tournaments, the Roseto Women always bring their A-game and strive for success on the basketball court.