Cuba Serie Nacional 05/16 18:00 - Artemisa v Holguin L 9-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/15 18:00 - Artemisa v Holguin L 9-3
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/14 18:00 - Artemisa v Holguin L 9-8
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/08 22:30 - Holguin v Industriales L 0-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/07 22:30 - Holguin v Industriales L 0-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/02 17:00 - Holguin v Camaguey - View
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/25 18:00 - Mayabeque v Holguin W 3-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/23 18:00 - Mayabeque v Holguin L 7-0
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/14 14:00 - Holguin v Pinar del Río L 4-5
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/11 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Holguin W 4-8
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/10 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Holguin L 11-5
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/02 18:00 - Isla de la Juventud v Holguin W 3-10

Wikipedia - Sabuesos de Holguín

Sabuesos de Holguín (English: Holguín Hounds) is a baseball team in the Cuban National Series. Based in eastern Holguín province, the Sabuesos have historically been a poor team, but made a surprising run in 2002 to claim their only championship.

The Holguin baseball team is a prominent and successful team based in the province of Holguin, Cuba. Known for their strong tradition of excellence in the sport, the team has a dedicated fan base and a rich history of success in national and international competitions.

The Holguin team is known for its talented players, skilled coaching staff, and a commitment to teamwork and sportsmanship. They have a reputation for playing an exciting and competitive style of baseball, with a focus on strong pitching, solid defense, and powerful hitting.

The team's iconic colors of blue and white are proudly displayed on their uniforms, and their logo features a fierce eagle, symbolizing strength and determination. The Holguin baseball team is a source of pride for the province and a beloved institution in Cuban sports culture.