Arab Club Championship 10/12 12:00 - Al Riyadi v Beirut Club L 76-80
Arab Club Championship 10/11 12:00 - Al Riyadi v Al Ahli Benghazi W 98-80
Arab Club Championship 10/08 14:00 - Al Ahly Egypt v Al Riyadi L 88-71
Asia Champions Cup 09/29 10:53 - Tokyo Alvark v Al Riyadi L 98-74
Asia Champions Cup 09/28 10:52 - Al Riyadi v Al Muharraq W 100-88
Club Friendlies 09/14 17:00 - Al Riyadi v Cherkaski Mavpy W 84-78
Asia Champions Cup 10/02 05:33 - Al Riyadi v Liaoning W 102-75
UAE Dubai IBC 01/24 15:00 - AS Sale v Al Riyadi L 89-70
Asia Champions Cup 10/15 08:30 - Al Riyadi v Al Ahli - UAE W 107-79
Al Riyadi is a professional basketball team based in Amman, Jordan. The team is known for its strong presence in the Jordanian basketball league and has a rich history of success in domestic competitions. Al Riyadi is known for its talented roster of players, who are known for their skill, athleticism, and teamwork on the court.

The team is known for its passionate fan base, who show unwavering support for Al Riyadi during games and events. The team's colors are red, white, and black, and their logo features a fierce lion symbolizing strength and determination.

Al Riyadi has a reputation for being a competitive and formidable opponent in the Jordanian basketball league, consistently challenging for top honors and championships. The team's commitment to excellence, hard work, and dedication to the sport has earned them a respected place in the basketball community in Jordan and beyond.