Italy Serie A2 05/29 18:30 7 Cento vs Agrigento - View
Italy Serie A2 06/02 16:00 8 Agrigento vs Luiss Roma - View
Italy Serie A2 06/05 16:00 9 Latina Basket vs Agrigento - View
Italy Serie A2 06/09 16:00 10 Agrigento vs San Giobbe Chiusi - View


Italy Serie A2 05/26 16:00 6 [5] Agrigento v Nardo [2] W 81-68
Italy Serie A2 05/19 16:00 5 [3] Chiusi v Agrigento [5] W 91-94
Italy Serie A2 05/15 18:30 4 [5] Agrigento v Latina Basket [6] W 89-87
Italy Serie A2 05/12 16:00 3 [4] Luiss Roma v Agrigento [5] L 85-61
Italy Serie A2 05/08 18:30 2 [4] Agrigento v Tramec Cento [1] L 79-84
Italy Serie A2 05/05 18:30 1 [2] Nardo v Agrigento [5] W 61-68
Italy Serie A2 04/21 16:00 32 [10] Agrigento v Orzinuovi [11] W 86-80
Italy Serie A2 04/14 16:00 31 [10] Nardo v Agrigento [10] L 89-76
Italy Serie A2 04/07 16:00 30 [11] Agrigento v Fortitudo Bologna [3] W 81-79
Italy Serie A2 03/30 19:45 29 [7] Assigeco Piacenza v Agrigento [10] L 94-74
Italy Serie A2 03/24 17:00 28 [10] Agrigento v Chiusi [12] L 84-88
Italy Serie A2 03/08 19:45 27 [8] Tramec Cento v Agrigento [10] L 82-70

Wikipedia - Fortitudo Agrigento

Fortitudo Agrigento is an Italian professional basketball team, based in Agrigento, Sicily. Founded in 1969, the side plays in the second division Serie A2 as of the 2015–16 season.


Before the creation of Fortitudo Agrigento, there were many different teams in Agrigento. In 1968, one of these local teams achieved promotion to Serie C, but due to financial difficulties it soon had to leave the league.

In 1969, Fortitudo Agrigento was founded and started in the 7th-tier League, "Promozione", of the Italian basketball league system.

During the 1988–89 season, Fortitudo achieved promotion to Serie B beating Porto Empedocle, Cefalù, Catania and many other popular teams. In the next season, Fortitudo was relegated again to Serie C and decided to rebuild part of the team from the 1988–89 season with a new manager. At the end of the season Agrigento was again in Serie B.

From the 2007-08 season, Fortitudo Agrigento achieved a series of consecutive promotions until promotion to Serie A2 in 2012.

The Italy basketball team "Agrigento" is a talented and competitive team based in the city of Agrigento, Sicily. Known for their strong defense and fast-paced offense, the team is made up of skilled players who are dedicated to achieving success on the court. With a rich history and passionate fan base, Agrigento is a force to be reckoned with in the Italian basketball league. The team's commitment to teamwork, discipline, and hard work make them a formidable opponent for any team they face. Whether playing at home or on the road, Agrigento always brings their A-game and strives to represent their city with pride and honor.