Uruguay Liga 12/01 00:00 9 Goes vs Bigua - View


Uruguay Liga 11/27 22:15 9 [3] Bigua v Nacional [1] W 101-94
Uruguay Liga 11/25 00:00 8 [9] Larre Borges v Bigua [4] W 80-106
Uruguay Liga 11/21 00:00 7 [7] Bigua v Cordon [5] W 71-66
Uruguay Liga 11/18 00:00 6 [6] Trouville v Bigua [8] L 92-83
Uruguay Liga 11/14 00:00 5 [9] Bigua v Defensor Sporting [2] W 87-82
Uruguay Liga 11/08 00:00 4 [10] Penarol Montevideo v Bigua [9] L 92-90
Uruguay Liga 11/04 00:00 3 [2] Malvin v Bigua [11] W 73-84
Uruguay Liga 11/01 00:00 2 [11] Bigua v Urupan de Pando [10] L 79-84
Uruguay Liga 10/29 00:15 1 [10] Hebraica Macabi v Bigua [10] L 93-59
South American Club League 10/24 01:40 3 [2] Titanes de Barranquilla v Bigua [3] L 73-68
South American Club League 10/23 02:10 2 [2] Bigua v Caribbean Storm Islands [4] L 76-79
South American Club League 10/22 02:10 1 [3] Soldiers Tungurahua v Bigua [3] W 61-86

Club Biguá de Villa Biarritz, better known as simply Biguá, is a Uruguayan professional basketball team that is based in Montevideo. The team currently plays in the Uruguayan Basketball League. The men's basketball section is a part of a multi-sports club, which offers a wide variety of different sports. The multi-sports club was founded in 1931, after "Biguá" and "Club Biarritz" merged to form "Club Biguá de Villa Biarritz".

Biguá has won seven national titles: 3 Uruguayan Federal Championships and 4 Uruguayan Basketball League titles.


In its history in domestic competitions, Biguá's basketball club won 3 Federal Championships (Uruguay's most important club tournament until 2003) in 1988, 1989 and 1990, 3 Liga Uruguaya de Básquet titles (the current version of the top-tier level Uruguayan basketball league) in 2007, 2008 and 2021, and the Torneo Super 4 title in 2008.

In international competitions, Biguá won 2 South American Club Championships, in 1992 and 2008. The club was also the runner-up in the 2022 edition of the FIBA Champions League Americas.

Bigua is a professional basketball team based in Montevideo, Uruguay. The team was founded in 1939 and has since become one of the most successful basketball teams in the country. The team's name, Bigua, is derived from the Spanish word for "heron," which is a bird commonly found in Uruguay.

Bigua has a rich history of success, having won multiple national championships and international tournaments. The team has a strong fan base and plays its home games at the Antel Arena, a state-of-the-art arena that can hold up to 15,000 spectators.

The team's colors are blue and white, and its logo features a heron in flight. Bigua is known for its fast-paced, high-scoring style of play, and has produced many talented players over the years who have gone on to play professionally in other countries.

Bigua is committed to developing young talent and has a strong youth program that helps to identify and train promising players. The team also has a strong community presence and is involved in various charitable initiatives throughout the year.

Overall, Bigua is a respected and successful basketball team that has a rich history and a bright future ahead.