Portugal Premier League 05/15 18:30 3 SL Benfica v Electrico FC L 4-3
Portugal Premier League 05/11 19:00 3 Electrico FC v SL Benfica L 3-5
Portugal Premier League 04/27 14:00 22 ADCR Caxinas v Electrico FC W 1-5
Portugal Premier League 04/20 16:30 21 Electrico FC v Quinta dos Lombos L 2-5
Portugal Premier League 04/06 14:00 20 Electrico FC v Braga D 2-2
Portugal Premier League 03/23 15:00 19 AD Fundao v Electrico FC D 2-2
Portugal Premier League 03/16 19:00 18 Electrico FC v Leoes Porto Salvo D 3-3
Portugal Premier League 03/10 17:00 17 Ferreira do Zezere v Electrico FC L 5-1
Portugal Premier League 02/23 21:30 16 Electrico FC v Torreense L 2-4
Portugal Premier League 02/18 17:30 16 Belenenses v Electrico FC W 1-5
Portugal Premier League 02/11 17:30 14 Electrico FC v Candoso/Natcal W 19-2
Portugal Cup 01/27 17:30 - Sporting CP v Electrico FC L 4-0

Eléctrico Futebol Clube is a futsal team based in the city of Ponte de Sor, Portugal, that plays in the Portuguese Futsal First Division. It is a part of the Eléctrico F.C. sports club. In 2018 Eléctrico F.C. won the South Zone series of the Portuguese II Divisão Futsal achieving the promotion to the first tier Liga Sport Zone for the first time in its history.

Electrico FC is a dynamic and talented futsal team that electrifies the court with their exceptional skills and teamwork. Comprised of a group of passionate and dedicated players, this team is known for their fast-paced and high-intensity style of play.

With a strong emphasis on technical ability and tactical awareness, Electrico FC showcases their versatility and adaptability on the futsal court. Their players possess excellent ball control, quick footwork, and precise passing, allowing them to create scoring opportunities and dominate possession.

The team's attacking prowess is complemented by their solid defensive structure. Electrico FC's players exhibit great discipline and coordination, effectively pressuring opponents and intercepting passes. Their ability to quickly transition from defense to offense is a key aspect of their success.

Beyond their individual skills, Electrico FC thrives on their exceptional teamwork and communication. The players have developed a deep understanding of each other's playing styles, resulting in seamless coordination and fluid movement on the court. This cohesion allows them to execute intricate passing sequences and create scoring opportunities with ease.

Off the court, Electrico FC is known for their strong work ethic and commitment to continuous improvement. They train rigorously, constantly honing their skills and developing new strategies to stay ahead of the competition. This dedication is reflected in their consistent success and impressive performances in various futsal tournaments.

Electrico FC is not just a team; they are a family. The camaraderie and support among the players are evident both on and off the court. This unity fuels their motivation and drives them to achieve greatness together.

In summary, Electrico FC is a formidable futsal team that combines technical brilliance, tactical acumen, and exceptional teamwork. Their electrifying style of play and unwavering determination make them a force to be reckoned with in the futsal world.