AUS Gawler


Date R Home vs Away -
04/21 10:44 10 Gawler vs View
04/21 10:25 9 Gawler vs View
04/21 10:09 8 Gawler vs View
04/21 09:53 7 Gawler vs View
04/21 09:28 6 Gawler vs View
04/21 09:08 5 Gawler vs View
04/21 08:51 4 Gawler vs View
04/21 08:34 3 Gawler vs View
04/21 08:10 2 Gawler vs View
04/17 04:47 12 Gawler vs View
04/17 04:29 11 Gawler vs View
04/17 04:12 10 Gawler vs View


The AUS Gawler Greyhounds Tournament is an exhilarating and highly anticipated event in the world of greyhound racing. Held in the picturesque town of Gawler, South Australia, this tournament brings together some of the fastest and most skilled greyhounds from across the country.

The tournament takes place in a state-of-the-art greyhound racing track, offering a thrilling and immersive experience for both participants and spectators. The track is meticulously designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the greyhounds, while also providing an optimal racing environment.

The AUS Gawler Greyhounds Tournament features a series of high-stakes races, where greyhounds compete for glory and substantial prize money. The tournament attracts top trainers, owners, and jockeys, all vying for the chance to showcase their greyhounds' speed, agility, and racing prowess.

Spectators can expect an electrifying atmosphere as they witness the greyhounds thundering down the track, reaching incredible speeds in a matter of seconds. The cheers and applause from the crowd add to the excitement, creating an unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

In addition to the thrilling races, the AUS Gawler Greyhounds Tournament offers a range of amenities and entertainment options for spectators. From delicious food and beverages to betting facilities, there is something for everyone to enjoy while soaking up the racing action.

Whether you are a seasoned greyhound racing enthusiast or a first-time spectator, the AUS Gawler Greyhounds Tournament promises an unforgettable experience. Witness the raw power and grace of these incredible athletes as they compete for glory in one of Australia's most prestigious greyhound racing events.