DateRHome vs Away-
05/23 12:30 16 FC Samtredia vs Dila Gori View
05/23 15:00 16 FC Iberia 1999 vs Kolkheti Poti View
05/23 16:00 16 Dinamo Tbilisi vs Dinamo Batumi View
05/23 17:00 - FC Iberia 1999 vs Kolkheti Poti View
05/24 16:00 16 FC Telavi vs Samgurali View
05/24 17:00 16 Torpedo Kutaisi vs FC Gagra View
05/27 16:00 17 Kolkheti Poti vs Dinamo Tbilisi View
05/27 17:00 17 Dinamo Batumi vs Dila Gori View
05/28 13:00 17 Samgurali vs Torpedo Kutaisi View
05/28 16:00 17 FC Telavi vs FC Samtredia View
05/28 17:00 17 FC Gagra vs FC Iberia 1999 View
06/01 13:00 18 FC Samtredia vs Dinamo Batumi View


Date R Home vs Away -
05/19 17:00 15 [3] Dinamo Batumi vs FC Iberia 1999 [2] 2-3
05/19 16:00 15 [7] Kolkheti Poti vs Torpedo Kutaisi [4] 2-5
05/19 15:00 15 [9] FC Gagra vs FC Telavi [8] 2-0
05/19 12:00 16 Torpedo Kutaisi vs FC Gagra PPT.
05/19 12:00 16 FC Samtredia vs Dila Gori PPT.
05/19 12:00 16 FC Iberia 1999 vs Kolkheti Poti PPT.
05/19 12:00 16 FC Telavi vs Samgurali PPT.
05/19 12:00 16 Dinamo Tbilisi vs Dinamo Batumi PPT.
05/18 16:00 15 [1] Dila Gori vs Dinamo Tbilisi [5] 2-1
05/18 12:30 15 [8] Samgurali vs FC Samtredia [10] 4-0
05/15 17:00 14 [4] Torpedo Kutaisi vs Dinamo Batumi [3] 1-0
05/15 16:00 14 [9] FC Telavi vs Kolkheti Poti [6] 1-1

Wikipedia - Erovnuli Liga

The Erovnuli Liga (Georgian: ეროვნული ლიგა; lit.'National League') is the top division of professional football in Georgia. Since 1990, it has been organized by the Professional Football League of Georgia and Georgian Football Federation. From 1927 to 1989, the competition was held as a regional tournament within the Soviet Union. From 2017, the Erovnuli Liga switched to a spring-autumn system, with only 10 clubs in the top flight.

The Georgia Erovnuli Liga is a highly anticipated soccer tournament held annually in Georgia. It is the premier professional football league in the country and showcases the best talent from various clubs across Georgia.

The tournament features intense competition between the top teams, with each club vying for the coveted title of the Georgia Erovnuli Liga champion. The matches are played in state-of-the-art stadiums, providing a thrilling atmosphere for both players and spectators.

The Georgia Erovnuli Liga attracts a passionate fan base, with supporters from all over the country coming together to cheer for their favorite teams. The tournament not only showcases the skill and talent of the players but also fosters a sense of unity and pride among the Georgian soccer community.

The tournament is known for its fast-paced and exciting gameplay, with teams employing various strategies and tactics to outwit their opponents. The matches are filled with thrilling goals, skillful dribbles, and intense tackles, keeping fans on the edge of their seats throughout the tournament.

The Georgia Erovnuli Liga also serves as a platform for young and emerging talents to showcase their skills and catch the attention of scouts from international clubs. Many players who have participated in the tournament have gone on to have successful careers in top European leagues.

In addition to the on-field action, the Georgia Erovnuli Liga also promotes community engagement and social initiatives. The tournament actively supports grassroots soccer development programs, aiming to nurture the next generation of Georgian football stars.

Overall, the Georgia Erovnuli Liga is a must-watch tournament for soccer enthusiasts, offering a thrilling display of skill, passion, and competition. It is a celebration of Georgian soccer and a testament to the country's love for the beautiful game.