PDC World Championship

PDC World Championship


The PDC World Darts Championship, known for sponsorship purposes as the Paddy Power World Darts Championship, organised by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), is a World Professional Darts Championship held annually in the sport of darts. The PDC world championship begins in December and ends in January and is held at Alexandra Palace in London and has been held there since 2008. It is the most prestigious of the PDC's tournaments, with the winner receiving the Sid Waddell Trophy, named in honour of the darts commentator Sid Waddell, who died in 2012. Along with the Premier League Darts and World Matchplay, it is considered part of the Triple Crown.

The PDC championship began in 1994 as the WDC World Darts Championship as one of the consequences of the split in darts, which saw the World Darts Council break away from the BDO. As a result of the settlement between the BDO and the WDC in 1997, the WDC became the PDC, and players were thenceforth free to choose which world championship to enter (but not both in the same year), as long as they met certain eligibility criteria. Both organisations continued to organize their own world championship until the 2020 editions, after which the BDO folded.

There have been twelve different winners since the tournament's inception. With 14 wins from 25 appearances, Phil Taylor has dominated the competition, last winning it in 2013. The other players to win it more than once are John Part (2003 & 2008), Adrian Lewis (2011 & 2012), Gary Anderson (2015 & 2016), Michael van Gerwen (2014, 2017 & 2019) and Peter Wright (2020 & 2022). The one-time winners are the inaugural champion Dennis Priestley (1994), Raymond van Barneveld (2007), Rob Cross (2018), Gerwyn Price (2021), Michael Smith (2023) and Luke Humphries (2024).


A match between Mensur Suljović and Kevin Painter at the 2010 championship

In 1992, some high-profile players, including all previous winners of the BDO World Darts Championship still active in the game, formed the WDC (now PDC), and in 1994, held their first World Championship. Dennis Priestley won the inaugural competition.

The players who broke away were taking a significant gamble – the tournament was broadcast on satellite television rather than terrestrial, and from 1994 to 2001, the prize fund for the players in the WDC/PDC World Championship was lower than the prize fund in the BDO version, although the 1997 PDC World Champion received £45,000 compared to that year's BDO World Champion receiving £38,000. In 2002, the PDC prize fund overtook that of the BDO for the first time, and the PDC event now boasts the largest prize fund of any darts competition. In 2010, the prize fund reached £1 million for the first time, with the World Champion collecting £200,000.

The 2014 and 2015 PDC World Champions collected £250,000 for their respective wins. For the next, winner's share increased to £50,000 each year culminating in a 2018 prize fund of £1.8 million. The current prize fund for the tournament is £2.5 million with £500,000 to the winner, as set since the 2019 edition.

In 2020, the British Darts Organisation — which had held a separate version of the world championship since the split in 1994 — went into liquidation. As a result, the PDC version was briefly the only recognised world championship in darts until the 2022 WDF World Darts Championship was held.

The PDC World Championship is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated darts tournaments in the world. Organized by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), this championship brings together the best darts players from around the globe to compete for the ultimate title.

Held annually since 1994, the PDC World Championship takes place over several weeks during the festive season, adding to the excitement and atmosphere surrounding the event. The tournament is known for its electrifying atmosphere, with passionate fans filling the venue to cheer on their favorite players.

The tournament features a knockout format, where players compete in a series of matches, aiming to progress through the rounds and ultimately reach the grand finale. The matches are played in a best-of-sets format, with each set consisting of a best-of-five legs. The players must showcase their precision, accuracy, and mental strength to hit the coveted maximum score of 180 and achieve the perfect nine-dart finish.

The PDC World Championship has witnessed some incredible moments and legendary performances over the years. Players like Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, and Gary Anderson have dominated the tournament, showcasing their exceptional skills and battling it out for the prestigious Sid Waddell Trophy.

The tournament not only offers a thrilling display of darts skills but also provides a platform for emerging talents to make their mark on the global stage. The PDC World Championship has seen numerous underdogs rise to the occasion and stun the established players, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to the competition.

The PDC World Championship is not just a darts tournament; it is a celebration of the sport, bringing together players, fans, and enthusiasts from all walks of life. With its rich history, intense competition, and unforgettable moments, this championship continues to captivate audiences worldwide and solidify its status as the pinnacle of professional darts.