DOTA2 - EsportsBattle


DateRHome vs Away-
11/28 21:00 - Ryoiki Tenkai vs Pull Up View
11/29 00:00 - Pull Up vs Ryoiki Tenkai View


Date R Home vs Away -
11/28 09:00 - Fuzanglong vs Amanita 2-0
11/28 06:00 - Amanita vs Fuzanglong 0-2
11/28 00:00 - Ryoiki Tenkai vs Fuzanglong 1-2
11/27 21:00 - Fuzanglong vs Ryoiki Tenkai 2-1
11/27 09:00 - Mind Takers vs Pull Up 0-2
11/27 06:00 - Pull Up vs Mind Takers 0-2
11/27 00:00 - Amanita vs Mind Takers 0-1
11/26 21:00 - Mind Takers vs Amanita 2-0
11/26 09:00 - Fuzanglong vs Pull Up 2-0
11/26 06:00 - Pull Up vs Fuzanglong 2-1
11/25 15:21 - Ryoiki Tenkai vs Fuzanglong 1-2
11/25 12:00 - Mind Takers vs Fuzanglong 1-2
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EsportsBattle features top-tier teams from various regions, each vying for supremacy and a chance to claim the championship title. The tournament showcases the highest level of gameplay, with teams employing intricate strategies, precise execution, and exceptional teamwork to outmaneuver their opponents.

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