England Development League 2



DateRHome vs Away-
03/01 13:00 1 Barnsley U21 vs Wigan U21 View
03/01 13:00 1 Burnley U21 vs Coventry U21 View
03/01 14:00 1 Millwall U21 vs Swansea U21 View
03/01 19:00 1 Colchester U21 vs Watford U21 View
03/04 13:00 1 Crewe U21 vs Sheffield Wed U21 View
03/04 13:00 1 Bristol City U21 vs Charlton U21 View
03/05 13:00 1 Cardiff U21 vs Ipswich U21 View
03/05 14:00 1 Sheff Utd U21 vs Birmingham U21 View
03/05 14:00 1 Bournemouth U21 vs Colchester U21 View
03/05 19:00 1 QPR U21 vs Millwall U21 View
03/05 19:00 1 Hull U21 vs Fleetwood Town U21 View
03/08 19:00 1 Colchester U21 vs Bristol City U21 View


Date R Home vs Away -
02/28 14:00 1 [3] Bournemouth U21 vs QPR U21 [2] 2-3
02/27 14:00 1 [9] Peterborough U21 vs Barnsley U21 [5] 2-2
02/27 14:00 1 [2] Millwall U21 vs Ipswich U21 [5] 2-1
02/27 14:00 1 [3] Sheffield Wed U21 vs Hull U21 [10] 1-2
02/27 13:00 1 [4] Fleetwood Town U21 vs Burnley U21 [6] 0-1
02/26 19:00 1 Swansea U21 vs Bristol City U21 PPT.
02/26 13:30 1 [6] Charlton U21 vs Watford U21 [7] 2-3
02/26 13:00 1 [11] Crewe U21 vs Wigan U21 [8] 3-3
02/26 13:00 1 [7] Coventry U21 vs Birmingham U21 [1] 1-1
02/26 12:00 1 [10] Colchester U21 vs Cardiff U21 [8] 2-0
02/23 14:00 1 [3] Sheff Wed U21 vs Coventry U21 [8] 0-2
02/22 14:00 1 [1] QPR U21 vs Colchester U21 [10] 1-1

The Professional Development League is a system of youth football leagues that are managed, organised and controlled by the Premier League or by the Football League. It was introduced by the Football Association via the Elite Player Performance Plan in 2012.

The system was introduced in early 2012 and was active for the first time during the 2012–13 season. It is a successor to the Premier Reserve League, Premier Academy League and Football Combination. The Football League Youth Alliance makes up League 2 of the under-18 system. The system covers the under-18 and under-21 groups.

Previously, clubs participating in the Premier Reserve League (the highest level of reserve football in England) were removed from the competition if their first team in the Premier League were relegated and replaced with a promoted team. Under the Professional Development League system, Premier League reserves teams' league status is not directly linked to the first team's Premier League status. Instead, there are three different Professional Development Leagues at each age-group level and clubs in the top four tiers of the English football league system are placed in the system based on the assessment of their academy for the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP).

The England Development League 2 is a highly anticipated soccer tournament held in Great Britain, showcasing the immense talent and potential of young footballers from across the country. This prestigious tournament serves as a platform for emerging players to hone their skills, gain valuable experience, and catch the attention of scouts and coaches from professional clubs.

The England Development League 2 features teams from various regions of Great Britain, each representing their respective football academies or development programs. These teams consist of talented players aged 18 to 23, who are on the cusp of breaking into the professional football scene.

The tournament follows a competitive league format, where teams compete against each other in a series of thrilling matches. The matches are played with great intensity and passion, as players strive to showcase their technical abilities, tactical understanding, and teamwork.

The England Development League 2 is known for its fast-paced and dynamic style of play, with teams employing various strategies and formations to outwit their opponents. The matches are filled with exciting goals, skillful dribbles, precise passes, and acrobatic saves, providing spectators with an exhilarating football experience.

The tournament not only focuses on the on-field action but also emphasizes the development and growth of young players. Coaches and scouts closely monitor the performances of the participants, identifying potential stars of the future. The England Development League 2 serves as a stepping stone for these players, offering them a chance to progress to higher levels of football and potentially represent their country on the international stage.

The England Development League 2 is a testament to the rich footballing culture and tradition in Great Britain. It serves as a breeding ground for future footballing talents, nurturing their skills and providing them with a platform to shine. With its high level of competition and dedication to player development, this tournament continues to contribute to the success of British football and its reputation as a powerhouse in the sport.