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Coppa Italia (lit.'Italy Cup') is the annual domestic cup of Italian football. The knockout competition was organized by the DDS and the Lega Calcio until the 2009–10 season and by Lega Serie A ever since.

Juventus is the competition's most successful club with fourteen wins, followed by Roma and Inter Milan with nine. Juventus has contested the most finals with 21, followed by Roma with 17 finals. The holder can wear a cockade of Italy (Italian: coccarda), akin to the roundels that appear on military aircraft. The winner automatically qualifies for both the UEFA Europa League group stage and the Supercoppa Italiana the following year.


The beginning of the tournament was turbulent, due to the complexity of the participation of the teams in the tournament, since its inception in 1921, the Italian championship was divided into two groups. On the one hand the rich CCI Championship (Italian Football Confederation) and on the other the poor FIGC championship (Italian Football Federation). Losing all its most prestigious clubs, the FIGC tried to enhance its rump season with a new cup. The tournament's first edition held in 1922 was won by F.C. Vado. The following agreement between the contenders did not contemplate a cup that, outside a failed 1926–27 tournament which was cancelled during the round of 32, was not held until 1935–36. The events of World War II interrupted the tournament after the 1942–43 season, and it did not resume again until 1958. Since then, it has been played annually or seasonally.

The eight seasons during the fascist period were contested copying the FA Cup format. There was a different trophy, and the winners were awarded the tricolour scudetto while the championship winners obtained a Savoyard scudetto instead. The present-day cup and cockade were introduced in 1958.

The Coppa Italia is an annual soccer tournament held in Italy, showcasing the best teams from the country's professional leagues. It is one of the most prestigious domestic cup competitions in Italian football and has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1922.

The tournament features teams from all levels of Italian football, including Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, and even some amateur clubs. It provides an opportunity for smaller teams to compete against the giants of Italian football, creating an exciting and unpredictable atmosphere.

The Coppa Italia follows a knockout format, with teams facing off in single-elimination matches. The competition begins with the lower-ranked teams, gradually progressing to the higher-ranked clubs as the tournament unfolds. The final match is typically held at a neutral venue, adding to the spectacle and anticipation surrounding the event.

The tournament not only offers teams a chance to win silverware but also serves as a gateway to European competitions. The winner of the Coppa Italia earns a spot in the UEFA Europa League, providing an additional incentive for teams to perform at their best.

Throughout its history, the Coppa Italia has witnessed intense rivalries, memorable upsets, and breathtaking moments. It has become a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and for established stars to leave their mark on Italian football.

The Coppa Italia is not only a celebration of the sport but also a reflection of Italian culture and passion for soccer. The tournament attracts fervent fans from all corners of the country, creating an electric atmosphere in stadiums and captivating viewers around the world.

With its rich heritage, competitive spirit, and the opportunity for underdogs to shine, the Coppa Italia continues to be a highly anticipated event in the Italian soccer calendar. It embodies the essence of Italian football and serves as a testament to the nation's love affair with the beautiful game.