Botswana Premier League



DateRHome vs Away-
05/22 13:00 29 Township Rollers vs BDF XI View
05/22 13:00 - Masitaoka FC vs Sua Flamingoes View
05/25 13:00 29 Gaborone United vs Jwaneng Galaxy FC View
05/25 13:00 29 Morupule Wanderers FC vs Security Systems FC View
05/25 13:00 29 Masitaoka FC vs Sua Flamingoes View
05/25 13:00 29 Eleven Angels FC vs Tafic FC View
05/25 13:00 29 Orapa United vs VTM FC View
05/25 13:00 29 Matebele FC vs Holy Ghost SC View
06/01 13:00 30 Jwaneng Galaxy FC vs Orapa United View
06/01 13:00 30 Holy Ghost SC vs Gaborone United View
06/01 13:00 30 Tafic FC vs Township Rollers View
06/01 13:00 30 Nico United vs Eleven Angels FC View


Date R Home vs Away -
05/21 13:00 29 [16] Botswana Police XI SC vs Nico United [12] 2-1
05/19 13:00 28 Security Systems FC vs Sua Flamingoes 3-3
05/19 13:00 28 [12] Matebele FC vs VTM FC [10] 0-0
05/19 13:00 28 Township Rollers vs Jwaneng Galaxy FC 1-0
05/18 13:00 28 Botswana Police XI SC vs BDF XI 0-1
05/18 13:00 28 Eleven Angels FC vs Holy Ghost SC 1-1
05/18 13:00 28 Morupule Wanderers FC vs Tafic FC 5-2
05/18 13:00 28 Gaborone United vs Orapa United 1-0
05/18 13:00 28 [7] Masitaoka FC vs Nico United [12] 0-1
05/15 17:00 28 [15] Holy Ghost SC vs Township Rollers [2] 0-4
05/15 13:00 28 [10] VTM FC vs Gaborone United [3] 0-1
05/14 13:00 28 [4] Security Systems FC vs Masitaoka FC [7] 2-1

The Botswana Premier League is the highest level football league in Botswana. Organised by the Botswana Football Association, the league was formed in 1978 to replace the pre-independence Bechuanaland Union African Soccer League, which was regional. Participants in the first edition of the league included Tlokweng Pirates, Notwane, Black Peril, Queens Park Rangers and a team from Ngwaketse district.

The league has always been dominated by the teams that are based south of Dibete or in the southern part of the country. In the 2006–07 season, Ecco City Greens made history by becoming the first team from the north to lift the lucrative competition. The league is sponsored by a mobile phone operator Be Mobile to the tune of 30 million pula. After the ABSA premiership in South Africa, the Be Mobile league is the second highest sponsored league in the COSAFA region. The league has continued to grow in leaps and bounds as shown by the increasing number of foreign players in the BPL. Some top players from mainly Zimbabwe like Arnold Chaka, Master Masitara, Elvis Meleka, Mandla Sibanda, Sageby Sandaka and Tendai Ndoro have ditched the Zimbabwean PSL for the BPL in recent years. Recently Namibian stars like Jerome Luis and Benson Shilongo arrived in Botswana in search of the Pula. After terminating their television deal with a South African company RP Productions, the league is now negotiating a long-term deal with Supersport International. In early 2013, the pay TV shown five BPL games on a testing basis.

The Botswana Football League as of July 2023 announced plans to reduce the amount of teams from 16 to 12. In the 2023–24 season, 4 teams will be relegated with only 2 promoting. The following season, 2024–25, the same will be applied which leaves 12 teams in the Botswana Premier League. The main given reason is the contricted resources.

The Botswana Premier League is the most prestigious and highly anticipated soccer tournament in Botswana. It showcases the best talent and teams from across the country, providing an exciting platform for players to showcase their skills and compete for the ultimate glory.

The tournament features a total of 16 teams, each representing different regions of Botswana. These teams battle it out in a round-robin format, playing against each other twice throughout the season. The matches are held in various stadiums across the country, creating a vibrant and electric atmosphere for both players and fans.

The Botswana Premier League is known for its high level of competitiveness and intense rivalries. The teams display exceptional athleticism, tactical prowess, and technical abilities, making every match a thrilling spectacle for spectators. The tournament also serves as a breeding ground for young talents, with scouts from both local and international clubs keeping a close eye on the emerging stars.

The league is governed by the Botswana Football Association, ensuring fair play and adherence to the rules and regulations of the game. The teams compete for the coveted championship title, which brings not only prestige but also the opportunity to represent Botswana in continental competitions such as the CAF Champions League.

The Botswana Premier League is not only about the on-field action but also about the passionate support from the fans. The stadiums are filled with enthusiastic supporters, creating an incredible atmosphere with chants, songs, and colorful displays. The tournament unites communities and brings people together, fostering a sense of national pride and love for the beautiful game.

Overall, the Botswana Premier League is a showcase of the best soccer talent in Botswana, providing thrilling matches, intense rivalries, and a platform for players to shine. It is a celebration of the sport, uniting fans and communities, and contributing to the growth and development of soccer in the country.