DateRHome vs Away-
02/24 13:00 - Panathinaikos B vs Ionikos View
02/24 13:00 20 Kalamata vs Olympiakos B View
02/25 12:00 24 Larissa vs Levadiakos View
02/25 13:00 24 Kampaniakos Chalastras vs Aiolikos View
02/25 13:00 20 Diagoras vs Panachaiki View
02/25 13:00 20 AO Giouchtas vs Ilioupoli View
02/25 13:00 20 Tilikratis vs Kallithea View
02/25 13:00 20 Egaleo vs Chania FC View
02/25 13:00 24 AEK Athens B vs Iraklis 1908 FC View
02/26 13:00 24 Apollon Pontou FC vs Makedonikos View
02/26 13:00 24 Niki Volou vs Anagennisi Karditsas View
02/26 14:00 20 Panathinaikos B vs Ionikos Nikea View


Date R Home vs Away -
02/21 13:00 21 [6] PAOK Salonika B vs Larissa [2] 1-2
02/21 13:00 18 [3] Niki Volou vs Apollon Pontou FC [12] 5-0
02/19 14:00 19 [7] Olympiakos B vs Egaleo [8] 0-0
02/19 13:00 23 [5] Iraklis 1908 FC vs Kampaniakos Chalastras [11] 2-2
02/18 13:00 19 [1] Kallithea vs Ionikos [3] 2-1
02/18 13:00 19 [6] Diagoras vs Kalamata [5] 1-0
02/18 13:00 19 [2] Chania FC vs AO Giouchtas [9] 4-1
02/18 13:00 23 [4] Makedonikos vs Niki Volou [3] 0-0
02/18 13:00 23 [1] Levadiakos vs Anagennisi Karditsas [9] 3-0
02/18 12:00 23 Aiolikos vs Apollon Pontou FC 3-1
02/18 12:00 23 AEP Kozani vs AEK Athens B 0-1
02/18 12:00 19 [4] Ilioupoli vs Panathinaikos B [12] 1-3

Wikipedia - Super League Greece 2

The Super League Greece 2 (Greek: Ελληνική Σούπερ Λίγκα 2) is the second division of professional football in Greece, being a feeder league to the top level Super League. Made up of 24 team divided into two groups, it is usually played from September to May.


The league was founded in 2019, after the restructuring of the Greek football league championships, replacing the Football League (former Beta Ethniki) as the second level in the league pyramid.

Twelve (12) clubs participated in the league's first season and second season of operation.

For the third season (2021–2022) the league was restructured into a two groups league with thirty four (34) clubs after the abolition of the third level Football League.

For the fifth season (2023–2024) the league was stay into a two groups league with reduced to twenty four (24) clubs until the league will introduce a single league table with reduction to twenty (20) clubs from 2024–25.

The Greece Super League 2 is a highly anticipated soccer tournament held annually in Greece. It is the second division of professional football in the country, showcasing the talent and skills of some of the most promising teams and players in Greek football.

The tournament features a total of 16 teams competing against each other in a round-robin format, with each team playing against every other team twice, once at home and once away. The matches are held in various stadiums across Greece, creating a vibrant and electric atmosphere for both players and fans.

The Greece Super League 2 is known for its intense and competitive nature, with teams battling it out on the field to secure promotion to the top tier of Greek football, the Greece Super League 1. The stakes are high, as the top two teams at the end of the season earn direct promotion, while the next four teams compete in a playoff for the final promotion spot.

The tournament showcases the rich footballing culture of Greece, with teams from various regions of the country participating. It provides a platform for young and talented players to showcase their skills and catch the attention of scouts from top clubs in Greece and abroad.

The Greece Super League 2 is not only a platform for footballing excellence but also a source of immense pride and passion for Greek football fans. The stadiums are filled with enthusiastic supporters, creating an electrifying atmosphere that adds to the excitement of the matches.

Overall, the Greece Super League 2 is a thrilling and competitive soccer tournament that showcases the best of Greek football. It is a must-watch for football enthusiasts and offers a glimpse into the future stars of Greek football.