Denmark Handboldligaen Women 05/21 18:00 1 Team Esbjerg Women vs Nykobing FH Women - View
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 05/25 14:00 1 Nykobing FH Women vs Team Esbjerg Women - View
Champions League Women 06/01 13:00 - Team Esbjerg Women vs Gyori Eto Women - View


Denmark Handboldligaen Women 05/15 18:30 2 [2] Herning-Ikast Women v Team Esbjerg Women [1] D 33-33
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 05/11 12:00 2 [1] Team Esbjerg Women v Herning-Ikast Women [2] W 35-24
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 05/08 18:00 6 Team Esbjerg Women v Nykobing FH Women W 24-22
Champions League Women 05/05 14:00 3 [2] Team Esbjerg Women v FTC Women [6] W 29-24
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 05/01 18:00 5 Team Esbjerg Women v SonderjyskE Women W 33-26
Champions League Women 04/27 14:00 3 [6] FTC Women v Team Esbjerg Women [2] W 25-26
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 04/24 16:30 4 [3] Silkeborg Voel Women v Team Esbjerg Women [1] W 27-43
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 04/19 16:30 3 [2] Nykobing FH Women v Team Esbjerg Women [1] W 18-30
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 03/30 15:00 2 [1] Team Esbjerg Women v Silkeborg Voel Women [3] W 38-27
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 03/27 19:00 1 SonderjyskE Women v Team Esbjerg Women W 23-34
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 03/20 18:00 26 Bjerringbro FH Women v Team Esbjerg Women W 20-37
Denmark Handboldligaen Women 03/13 17:30 25 Team Esbjerg Women v Silkeborg Voel Women W 39-22

Wikipedia - Team Esbjerg

Team Esbjerg is a professional women's handball team based in Esbjerg, Denmark, that competes in the Bambusa Kvindeligaen and the 2022–23 Women's EHF Champions League. They play their home matches in Blue Water Dokken, which have capacity for 2,996 spectators. They play games in red shirts and black shorts.

The coaching team consists of former national team player Jesper Jensen and Patrick Petersen.


Team Esbjerg was founded in 1991, as a cooperation between KVIK Esbjerg and Esbjerg Håndboldklub (EHK). They compete the Danish Handball League for the first time in 1999, but they relegated the following year. They have been part of the league, since 2004.

They have won the Danish Championship twice. Once in 2016, after beating FC Midtjylland Håndbold in the final. They lost the first final match 20–17, but won the second 24–19, after a dramatic penalty shootout. Again in 2019, they also beat Herning-Ikast Håndbold, in two matches, with the scores 28–20 and 19–20. They also won the Danish Women's Handball Cup in 2017, after beating København Håndbold, with the score 31–20.

Over time, the club has had many notable and significant players, like Rikke Zachariassen, Ulrika Toft Hansen, Lotte Grigel, Gøril Snorroeggen, Maibritt Kviesgaard, Kari Aalvik Grimsbø, Emily Stang Sando, Marta Mangué, Laura van der Heijden, Angelica Wallén, Ida Bjørndalen and Sandra Toft Galsgaard.

Team Esbjerg Women is a professional handball team based in Esbjerg, Denmark. The team competes in the top-tier Danish Women's Handball League and has a strong reputation for their skilled players and competitive spirit.

Known for their fast-paced and aggressive style of play, Team Esbjerg Women has a dedicated fan base that supports them at home games and on the road. The team has a history of success in domestic competitions, consistently finishing near the top of the league standings and competing for championships.

With a roster of talented and experienced players, Team Esbjerg Women is a force to be reckoned with in the world of women's handball. They are known for their teamwork, determination, and never-say-die attitude on the court, making them a formidable opponent for any team they face.