New Vision Georgians

Leagues Played
Georgia Premier League 25 Georgia Cup 5


Georgia Premier League 06/11 14:00 - New Vision Georgians v FTC PSP W 4-2
Georgia Premier League 06/08 15:00 - FC PSP v New Vision Georgians W 2-4
Georgia Premier League 06/05 09:00 - New Vision Georgians v FC PSP W 5-1
Georgia Cup 06/02 14:00 - New Vision Georgians v Army W 3-2
Georgia Premier League 05/22 10:00 - New Vision Georgians v CIU W 4-3
Georgia Cup 04/29 11:30 - New Vision Georgians v TSU W 7-4
Georgia Premier League 04/24 08:00 - FC Tsalenjikha v New Vision Georgians W 2-8
Georgia Premier League 04/19 10:30 - New Vision Georgians v FC Kutaisi W 8-1
Georgia Premier League 04/05 13:00 - Army v New Vision Georgians D 5-5
Georgia Cup 03/29 10:30 - New Vision Georgians v FC Seu W 9-1
Georgia Premier League 03/25 08:00 - New Vision Georgians v Tbilisi State Uni D 2-2
Georgia Premier League 03/11 10:30 - New Vision Georgians v Iliauni W 6-0
New Vision Georgians is a highly skilled and competitive futsal team based in the city of Georgians. Comprised of talented and dedicated players, this team is known for their exceptional teamwork, agility, and technical abilities on the futsal court.

The team's name, "New Vision," reflects their innovative and forward-thinking approach to the game. They constantly strive to push the boundaries of futsal, implementing new strategies and tactics to outsmart their opponents. Their vision is to revolutionize the sport and leave a lasting impact on the futsal community.

Georgians, the city they represent, is known for its passion for futsal. The team has a strong fan base that fills the stands during their matches, creating an electrifying atmosphere that fuels the players' performance. The team's success is not only attributed to their individual skills but also to the unwavering support they receive from their loyal fans.

New Vision Georgians' playing style is characterized by their quick and precise passing, exceptional ball control, and relentless attacking mindset. They are known for their ability to create scoring opportunities out of seemingly impossible situations, leaving their opponents in awe.

Off the court, the team is committed to giving back to the community. They regularly organize futsal clinics and workshops for aspiring young players, sharing their knowledge and expertise to help develop the next generation of futsal stars. They also actively participate in various charitable initiatives, using their platform to make a positive impact on society.

New Vision Georgians is a force to be reckoned with in the futsal world. With their exceptional skills, innovative approach, and unwavering determination, they continue to dominate the futsal scene and inspire fans both on and off the court.