Italy Serie B 05/21 18:45 2 Libertas Livorno vs General Contractor Jesi - View
Italy Serie B 05/24 18:30 2 General Contractor Jesi vs Libertas Livorno - View


Italy National Serie B 05/19 18:30 2 Libertas Livorno v General Contractor Jesi W 69-60
Italy National Serie B 05/15 18:45 3 Libertas Livorno v Blacks Faenza W 72-59
Italy National Serie B 05/12 16:00 3 Raggisolaris Faenza v Libertas Livorno L 61-56
Italy National Serie B 05/10 18:30 3 Blacks Faenza v Libertas Livorno W 63-64
Italy National Serie B 05/06 18:45 3 Libertas Livorno v Blacks Faenza L 62-67
Italy National Serie B 05/04 18:45 3 Libertas Livorno v Blacks Faenza W 83-68
Italy National Serie B 04/21 16:00 34 Libertas Livorno v Caffe Toscano Pielle Livorno W 76-52
Italy National Serie B 04/14 16:00 33 SAE Scientifica Legnano v Libertas Livorno W 73-80
Italy National Serie B 04/09 18:30 26 Geko PSA Sant'Antimo v Libertas Livorno W 78-86
Italy Serie B 04/07 16:00 32 Juvecaserta 2021 v Libertas Livorno W 69-86
Italy National Serie B 03/30 19:30 31 Libertas Livorno v Herons Basket Montecatini W 74-59
Italy National Serie B 03/27 19:30 30 Bakery Basket Piacenza v Libertas Livorno L 78-72
Libertas Livorno is a professional basketball team based in Livorno, Italy. The team competes in the top-tier Italian basketball league, Serie A, and has a rich history of success in both domestic and international competitions.

Known for their passionate fan base and competitive spirit, Libertas Livorno has produced some of the top basketball talent in Italy over the years. The team is known for their fast-paced, high-scoring style of play, and their games are always exciting to watch.

With a strong roster of talented players and experienced coaching staff, Libertas Livorno is a force to be reckoned with in Italian basketball. Whether they are playing at home in Livorno or on the road, the team always gives their all on the court and strives for victory in every game they play.