Cuba Serie Nacional 05/15 18:00 - Industriales v Camaguey W 19-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/08 22:30 - Holguin v Industriales W 0-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/07 22:30 - Holguin v Industriales W 0-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/05 18:00 - Industriales v Artemisa L 5-6
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/04 20:00 - Industriales v Artemisa L 5-8
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/02 22:30 - Artemisa v Industriales W 3-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/25 18:00 - Industriales v Guantanamo L 2-12
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/23 18:00 - Industriales v Guantanamo W 10-5
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/16 22:30 - Granma v Industriales L 10-9
Cuba Serie Nacional 03/31 18:00 - Mayabeque v Industriales W 2-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 03/13 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Industriales W 10-11
Cuba Serie Nacional 03/10 18:00 - Isla de la Juventud v Industriales W 1-11

Wikipedia - Industriales

Industriales is a professional baseball team in the Cuban National Series. Located in Cerro, La Habana, it is known as the only team representing the country’s capital, Havana. Industriales is historically the most successful team in the National Series, although they have played under other names throughout their history. The Super Classic of Cuban National Series takes place six times per season between Industriales and Santiago de Cuba, the Cuban equivalent of the New York Yankees–Boston Red Sox rivalry. The matchup also represents the rivalry between the two cities (La Habana and Santiago de Cuba), dating back to the era when Cuba was a colony of Spain more than two centuries ago. They are known as the Lions (los leones), "The Blues" (los azules) or "The Blue Lions" (los Leones Azules). Royal blue is their color, though teams like Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila also have blue uniforms (navy blue and sky blue, respectively.)


The team was founded in 1962, as representatives of all the workers from all the industries of Cuba. Industriales is the perceived successor to the Almendares baseball team from the professional Cuban League. They won the Cuban National Series in 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1973, 1986, 1992, 1996, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2010. Today the team holds the record of victories in a season (96 games in Cuba) with 66 games and more National Series won in a row with 4 straight national championships (1963-1966).

Industriales is a professional baseball team based in Havana, Cuba. They are one of the most successful and popular teams in Cuban baseball history, with a rich tradition of winning championships and producing talented players.

The team was founded in 1962 and has since become a powerhouse in the Cuban National Series, the country's top baseball league. Industriales has won numerous championships and is known for its passionate fan base and intense rivalries with other Cuban teams.

Industriales is known for its strong pitching staff and solid defense, as well as a lineup of talented hitters who can produce runs in clutch situations. The team plays its home games at the iconic Estadio Latinoamericano, which is known for its electric atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds.

Overall, Industriales is a storied franchise with a winning tradition and a loyal following of fans who support them through thick and thin. They continue to be a dominant force in Cuban baseball and a source of pride for the city of Havana.