CS2 - IEM Dallas SA Quals 02/20 21:00 - Sharks v Flamengo View
CS2 - RES Latin America 02/16 14:00 - Flamengo v LA RUGONETA 1-2
CS2 - EPL World Series America 02/15 15:30 - Case Esports v Flamengo 2-1
CS2 - EPL World Series America 02/13 20:30 - 9z Academy v Flamengo 0-2
CS2 - RES Latin America 02/12 14:00 - Flamengo v Fluxo 0-2
CS2 - PGL Major SA RMR Quals 01/22 00:00 - RED Canids v Flamengo eSports 2-1
CS2 - PGL Major SA RMR Quals 01/21 17:00 - TIMACETA v Flamengo View
CS2 - PGL Major SA RMR Quals 01/20 23:00 - Flamengo v Galorys View
CS2 - PGL Major SA RMR Quals 01/20 01:00 - ODDIK v Flamengo 1-0
CS2 - PGL Major SA RMR Quals 01/19 21:30 - BESTIA v Flamengo 1-0
CS2 - PGL Major Quals 01/09 19:00 - Flamengo v anXi5tYs View
CS2 - EPL World Series America 12/21 18:00 - Case Esports v Flamengo 0-0

Wikipedia - Flamengo Esports

Flamengo Esports is the esports department of traditional sports club Flamengo. It had a League of Legends team competing in the Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLoL), Brazil's top professional league for the game.



On 6 October 2017 Flamengo announced the creation if its esports department and its acquisition of the BRCC (Brazilian equivalent of North America and Europe's former challenger series) spot of Merciless Gaming. For its inaugural roster, Flamengo signed top laner Park "Jisu" Jin-cheol, jungler Thúlio "Sirt" Carlos, mid laner Danniel "Evrot" Franco, bot laner Felipe "brTT" Gonçalves, and support Eidi "esA" Yanagimachi. The team debuted in BRCC 2018 Split 1 and finished as runner-ups, qualifying for the BRCC 2018 Split 2 promotion tournament. Flamengo qualified for the CBLoL after defeating Team oNe eSports 3–2 in the "access series" match.

Flamengo finished as runner-ups in the team's first CBLoL appearance, in both the regular season and playoffs after losing 2–3 to KaBuM! e-Sports in the finals. In preparation for the 2019 CBLoL season, Flamengo replaced its entire roster excluding brTT, signing top laner Leonardo "Robo" Souza, jungler Lee "Shrimp" Byeong-hoon, mid laner Bruno "Goku" Miyaguchi, and support Han "Luci" Chang-hoon. The team dominated the regular season of Split 1, losing only a single game to KaBuM. However, in playoffs Flamengo once again fell short, losing to INTZ e-Sports 2–3 in the finals. After placing first once again in the regular season of Split 2, Flamengo managed to defeat INTZ 3–2 to finally win their first CBLoL title. This also qualified the team for play-in stage of the 2019 World Championship.

For the 2019 World Championship play-in stage round robin, Flamengo was placed in Group D, along with South Korean team DAMWON Gaming and Turkish team Royal Youth. Despite a good showing against DAMWON Gaming and Royal Youth in the first round robin (the latter of which Flamengo defeated), Flamengo faltered in the second, losing to both teams and tying Royal Youth for second in Group D. After losing the tiebreaker match to Royal Youth, Flamengo was eliminated from the tournament.

Flamengo Esports is a professional esports team based in Brazil and is affiliated with the traditional sports club Clube de Regatas do Flamengo. The team competes in various esports titles such as League of Legends, Free Fire, and FIFA. Flamengo Esports has a strong presence in the Brazilian esports scene and has achieved significant success in various tournaments and leagues. The team is known for its skilled players, strategic gameplay, and passionate fan base. Flamengo Esports is committed to promoting esports in Brazil and providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills and pursue a career in esports.