Italy A2 Women 05/19 16:00 - Vicenza Women v Carugate Women L 63-59
Italy A2 Women 05/15 18:30 - Carugate Women v Vicenza Women W 71-67
Italy A2 Women 05/11 16:00 - Vicenza Women v Carugate Women L 62-58
Italy A2 Women 05/05 16:00 - Rhodigium Basket Women v Carugate Women L 64-60
Italy A2 Women 05/01 16:00 - Carugate Women v Rhodigium Basket Women W 82-73
Italy A2 Women 04/27 18:30 - Rhodigium Basket Women v Carugate Women L 71-52
Italy A2 Women 04/21 16:00 - Stella Azzurra Roma Women v Carugate Women W 58-73
Italy A2 Women 04/13 18:30 - Carugate Women v Torino Teen Basket Women L 51-72
Italy A2 Women 04/06 18:30 - Moncalieri Women v Carugate Women L 65-58
Italy A2 Women 03/23 19:30 - Carugate Women v San Giorgio Mantova Women L 62-64
Italy A2 Women 03/16 19:30 - Carugate Women v Empoli Women L 72-78
Italy A2 Women 03/03 17:00 - Galli S Giovanni Women v Carugate Women L 82-71
The Carugate Women's basketball team is a talented and competitive squad hailing from Italy. Known for their skillful ball-handling, sharp shooting, and tenacious defense, the team has garnered a strong following of fans both in Italy and abroad. Comprised of dedicated and passionate athletes, the Carugate Women's team embodies the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the court. With a history of success in domestic and international competitions, the team continues to strive for excellence and push the boundaries of women's basketball in Italy. Whether they are playing in front of a home crowd or on the road, the Carugate Women's team always brings their A-game and leaves it all on the court.