IIHF World Championship 3 - 20:00 7 [5] Austria vs Great Britain [8] - 1-1


IIHF World Championship 05/20 14:20 5 [8] Great Britain v Norway [7] L 2-5
IIHF World Championship 05/18 18:20 6 [3] Czech Republic v Great Britain [8] L 4-1
IIHF World Championship 05/17 14:20 3 [8] Great Britain v Denmark [7] L 3-4
IIHF World Championship 05/15 18:20 4 [3] Switzerland v Great Britain [8] L 3-0
IIHF World Championship 05/12 10:20 2 [5] Finland v Great Britain [6] L 8-0
IIHF World Championship 05/11 10:20 1 [4] Great Britain v Canada [4] L 2-4
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 05/07 15:00 - Great Britain v Kazakhstan L 2-5
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/27 18:00 - Great Britain v Poland W 2-1
International Friendlies (Regulation Only) 04/26 18:30 - Great Britain v Poland W 3-1
Olympic Qualification 02/11 19:00 3 [1] Great Britain v Romania [2] W 7-4
Olympic Qualification 02/10 19:00 2 [1] Serbia v Great Britain [2] W 0-11
Olympic Qualification 02/08 20:00 1 [2] Great Britain v China [2] W 10-1

The Great Britain men's national ice hockey team (also known as Team GB) is the national ice hockey team that represents the United Kingdom. A founding member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in 1908, the team is controlled by Ice Hockey UK.


The team was a force on the international scene in the early 20th century, winning the first ever IIHF European Championship in 1910, finishing as bronze medalists at the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France, and becoming Olympic champions in 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. The gold medal-winning Olympic team was composed primarily of dual-national British Canadians, many of whom having learned and played the game in Canada. However, since then the national team has made little impact on the sport. Until they surprisingly qualified for the 2019 installment of the tournament, their last appearance in the top-level World Championship came in 1994. Great Britain last qualified for the Olympics in 1948. The current head coach of the team is Peter Russell, who is also the head coach for the Cardiff Devils.

The Great Britain ice hockey team, commonly known as Team GB, is the national ice hockey team representing the United Kingdom. The team competes in international competitions such as the IIHF World Championships and the Winter Olympics.

Great Britain has a rich history in ice hockey, with the sport being played in the country for over a century. The team has had success in various tournaments, including winning gold at the 1936 Winter Olympics and achieving promotion to the top division of the IIHF World Championships in recent years.

The team is known for its passionate fan base and competitive spirit on the ice. The players on the Great Britain team come from various leagues around the world, including the NHL, KHL, and various European leagues.

Overall, the Great Britain ice hockey team is a respected and competitive force in international ice hockey, representing the pride and tradition of the sport in the United Kingdom.