DateRHome vs Away-
03/01 13:00 4 El Seka El Hadid vs Ghazl El Mahallah View
03/01 13:00 4 Tanta vs Raya Ghazl SC View
03/01 13:00 - Haras El Hedoud vs Wadi Degla View
03/01 13:30 4 La Viena FC vs Proxy SC View
03/01 13:30 4 Al Qanah vs Petrojet View
03/01 17:00 4 Haras El Hedoud vs Wadi Degla View
03/05 13:30 4 Misr Lel Makasa vs Asyut Petroleum View
03/05 13:30 4 Abo Qir Semad vs Makadi FC View
03/05 13:30 4 Gomhoryet Shebin vs Al Nasr Taaden View
03/05 13:30 4 Dekernes vs Nogoom FC View
03/05 13:30 4 Telecom Egypt vs Aswan FC View
03/06 13:30 5 Al Raya SC vs Al Qanah View


Date R Home vs Away -
02/27 13:00 3 Kima Aswan vs Dekernes 1-0
02/27 13:00 3 Asyut Petroleum vs Abo Qir Semad 1-1
02/27 13:00 3 [7] Makadi FC vs Gomhoryet Shebin [6] 2-1
02/27 13:00 3 [8] Nogoom FC vs Misr Lel Makasa [9] 3-2
02/27 13:00 3 Al Nasr Taaden vs Telecom Egypt 0-1
02/24 15:30 3 [4] Ghazl El Mahallah vs Al Qanah [10] 2-0
02/24 13:00 3 [8] Proxy SC vs Haras El Hedoud [4] 0-1
02/24 13:00 3 [2] Wadi Degla vs El Seka El Hadid [6] 3-1
02/24 13:00 3 [1] Petrojet vs Tanta [7] 2-1
02/24 13:00 3 [9] Raya Ghazl SC vs La Viena FC [5] 2-1
02/20 13:00 2 Misr Lel Makasa vs Kima Aswan 1-2
02/20 13:00 2 [4] Dikernis SC vs Telecom Egypt [3] 0-0

The Egyptian Second Division (Arabic: دوري القسم الثاني المصري) was an Egyptian semi-professional football league representing the second tier of the Egyptian football league system until 2023. It was administered by the Egyptian Football Association. It was below the top professional league in the country, the Egyptian Premier League, and above the regional league Egyptian Third Division.

The league was reformed in 1977, and consisted of multiple groups covering different parts of Egypt, with the winner of each group either gaining automatic promotion to the Egyptian Premier League, or earning a place in the promotion play-offs, depending on the number of groups.

In August 2022, the EFA announced that the league would be abolished following the conclusion of the 2022–23 season, and two new professional and semi-professional leagues, called Egyptian Second Division A and Egyptian Second Division B, respectively, would be created and begin from the following season.

The competition was officially abolished on 9 July 2023, after the play-off phase of the 2022–23 season concluded.

The Egypt Division 2 soccer tournament is an exciting and highly competitive event that showcases the talent and passion for the sport in Egypt. This tournament serves as a platform for teams from various regions across the country to compete against each other and strive for promotion to the higher divisions.

The tournament features a diverse range of teams, each representing their respective cities or regions, creating a vibrant atmosphere and a sense of local pride. The teams consist of skilled and dedicated players who demonstrate their technical abilities, tactical prowess, and teamwork on the field.

Egypt Division 2 is known for its fast-paced and intense matches, where players showcase their agility, speed, and precision in every move. The tournament provides a thrilling experience for both players and spectators, with matches often filled with suspense, dramatic moments, and stunning goals.

The tournament follows a league format, where teams compete against each other in a series of matches throughout the season. The top-performing teams earn the opportunity to advance to higher divisions, while those at the bottom face the risk of relegation. This adds an extra layer of excitement and pressure to each match, as teams fight to secure their position or strive for promotion.

The Egypt Division 2 tournament not only serves as a platform for teams to showcase their skills but also acts as a talent pool for higher divisions and national team selection. Scouts and talent spotters closely follow the matches, looking for emerging talents who could potentially make a mark in Egyptian soccer.

Overall, the Egypt Division 2 soccer tournament is a thrilling and competitive event that celebrates the passion, talent, and love for the sport in Egypt. It provides an opportunity for teams to prove their worth, entertain fans, and potentially pave their way to higher levels of competition.