The Liga Nacional Superior de Voleibol (Spanish for Senior National Volleyball League) is the top level Peruvian volleyball competition and it is organized by the Peruvian Volleyball Confederation. There are both men's and women's competitions. The number of participating clubs has been 12 per division since the 2011–12 season. The team champions qualify for the men's and women's South American Volleyball Club Championship.


Although Peru had volleyball competitions prior to 2004, in that year the Federación Peruana de Voleibol, Peru's Volleyball Confederation, organized the first tournament. The original format was heavily criticized due to poor organization from the sponsors and the teams. However, after Telefónica (now Movistar) decided to sponsor the Liga Nacional and change the format to include more teams and make the tournament more competitive, it grew, even becoming the qualifying tournament for Peruvian volleyball clubs to the South American Volleyball Club Championship.